BTCStarZ is a Bitcoin rewards system centralized in Asia
We aim to turn daily activities into profit
After completing tasks, users are rewarded with Bitcoin


Through our Rewards System, we have built a community that benefits both the consumer and merchant.

The amount of BTCStarz Member Points (mBTC) positively affects the percentage of bonuses allocated to its members.
Referring other partners to purchase a Loyalty Card will benefit your whole team with a Margin Bonus!
-Get Bitcoin rewards through referrals
-Turn consumption into revenue
-Teamwork earns rewards faster
-Earn rewards to convert into usable gift cards

How to Purchase a Card:

1. Download StarBox APP at site:

2. Login to your account

3. Click USDX > Top-Up

4. Re-login to

5. Click Purchase

Join our Loyalty Card:

Go to the cart to confirm your Purchases

* Upgrade to VIP membership by selecting the 1000 Card!